Duncan Wong

  • C.Y.T. (Certified Yoga Therapist)
  • C.M.T. (Certified Massage Therapist)
  • C.B.B. (Certified Black Belt)

Creator of the global Yogic Arts movement therapy system, and world renowned martial arts / yoga expert.



Work & Awards


1980 - 1986

Labor Worker
San Francisco, California

1987 - 1997

Full-Time Yoga Instruction San Francisco, California New York CIty, New York


Teach San Francisco Street Gang Youths
(Returning to his challenged youthful past, Duncan supports misguided youth involved in street crime activity and lifestyle with new ways of seeing the world and encouraging self developed opportunity in their lives)

1990 - 2000

Siddha Yoga Meditation & Yoga Philosophy Training
Oakland, California, New York New York, Ganeshpuri, India


Yogic Arts System & Studio are Established
Oakland, California, U.S.A.


First Northern California Recipient of the Congressional Youth Award
(There are only two types of awards from the United States of America Congress in Washington D.C.; the Congressional Award for war heroes and the Congressional Youth Award for community leaders that excel from a challenged life and return to offer guidance to challenged youth in inner city environments).
White House, Washington, D.C., USA


W.K.S.A. Global Competition World Champion
Gold Medal Recipient in Lightweight Class Combat, Katana & Kata Divisions


Yoga Journal Magazine Duncan Wong Cover Model
Ashtanga Vinyasa (First Flow Yoga System) Global Yoga Boom Begins
(At that time the Yoga Journal USA Based magazine was the only yoga magazine in existence and it was a global publication)
1995 January Issue, San Francisco, California

1995 - 2005

Teach Bali Orphans, Jakarta Street Children, and Homeless South Indian Children
(Duncan Sensei makes regular visits to places like Bali, Indonesia, India and China, to support various youth living in extremely challenged environments to make a difference in their lives)

1998 - 2005

Full-Time Yogic Arts Instruction
New York City, New York


Yogic Arts New York Studio is Established
SoHo, New York City, U.S.A.

1999 - 2002

Warner Brothers National Cable TV Network Program Host
New York City, New York

2000 - Present

Yogic Arts Teacher Certification & Student Education Courses
Europe - Graz, Austria Hamburg, Germany London, England


  • San Diego, California
  • New York, New York
  • Miami, Florida


  • Puerto Valla Jalisco
  • Mexico City


  • Tokyo
  • Kyoto
  • Fukuoka


  • Shanghai, P.R.C
  • Beijing, P.R.C
  • Shenzen, P.R.C


  • Seoul


  • Taipei
  • Taichung

2000 - Present

Annual Yogic Lifestyle Global Lecture Tours
Europe America Asia

2000 - Present

USA Duncan Wong Collection Apparel Line Established

2000 - 2005

Private Celebrity Client Yogic Arts Trainer
Europe America Asia

2000 - 2005

USA & Europe Media Campaign
Keyword Search: Duncan Wong / Yogic Arts

2005 - 2010

Asia Media Campaign
Keyword Search: Duncan Wong / Yogic Arts


China Yogic Arts Studio is Established
Shanghai, P.R.C.

2006 - 2008

NHK TV Duncan Wong Documentary & TV Talent Programming
Tokyo, Japan


Japan DVD & Book Yogic Arts Published


USA DVD's Yogic Arts: Awakening Level & Source Power Published

2008 - 2010

Japan Duncan Wong Brand Apparel Line Established


London DVD Division is Established
(USA DVD's become formatted & available to Europe) Germany
Austria / Switzerland / England

2010 - 2012

SKY TV Network Yogic Arts Programming
Yogic Arts DVD's reformatted for EU (European Union) Television Programming


New Duncan Wong Brand Apparel Line Established




Martial Arts Training Begins
San Francisco, California, U.S.A.

1986 - 1990

Open Ring Fighter
San Francisco, California


Yoga Therapy Training Begins
San Francisco, California, U.S.A.


C.Y.T (Certified Yoga Teacher)
San Franciso Hatha Yoga Foundation
San Francisco, California


Buddhist Martial Arts Training Begins
San Francisco, California


C.M.T. (Certified Massage Therapist)
International School of Massage Therapy
San Francisco, California


C.B.B. (Certified Black Belt 1st Dan)
W.K.S.A. (World Kuk Sool Association)
San Francisco, California


C.B.B. (Certified Black Belt 2nd Dan)
W.K.S.A. (World Kuk Sool Association)
San Francisco, California


India Astanga Vinyasa Yoga Training Begins
A.Y.R.I. (Astanga Yoga Research Institute)
Mysore, South India


C.Y.T. (Certified Yoga Teacher)
Jivamukti Yoga School
New York, New York


A.A.Y.T. (Authorized Astanga Yoga Teacher)
A.Y.R.I. (Astanga Yoga Research Institute)
Vinyasa Chikitsa (Movement Therapy) Instruction Authorization
Astanga Yoga Research Institute
Mysore, South India

2000 - Present

Advanced Training with W.K.S.A. Senior Korean Master, Sun Im Kwahn Jang Nym
Houston, Texas Head Quarters & Taegu, South Korea Mountain Retreat

2000 - Present

Advanced Training with Jivamukti Yoga system creators, Sri Tripura Sundari & Sri Deva Das
New York City, New York & World Tours

2011 - Present

Twin Sons Teach Mind-Heart Work
Fukuoka-Kyoto, Japan


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  2. Hi Duncan
    I know you only from the web and I find your yoga style such a great mix of everything a human being can be! I saw your videos Yogic Arts and I googled a bit your name. I saw your schedule and.. GOD you will not come to Zürich! I am very disappointed ;-) there are many Yogis/inis here who would need your teaching skills and a genuine Master. As I work in a Yoga Studio in Zürich I just allow myself to simply ask you: would you have any interest to give some workshops here in Switzerland, Zürich city?

    Looking forward to receive your answer :-)
    I wish you a interesting time wherever you are

    Angela Boscardini

    • Hi Angela!
      I hope to teach in Zurich one day. Meanwhile, I am in Berlin, London, Oslo and Perugia this year if you care to venture out of Zurich :)

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